As any of you who have been to Buxton will know, the weather is never changeable there and it never rains. Honestly 🙂 . I set out for Rachael & Dan’s wedding photography at Cressbrook Hall in Derbyshire on a bright summer day in August, and finished up with a good old fashioned bit of British rain. Lovely. Actually I don’t mind a bit of variation in weather at a wedding, and I’ve always said that what makes it is a collection of happy relaxed people – and we certainly had that here.

Creative wedding photography at Cressbrook Hall in Derbyshire by Tim Hensel

Rachael & Dan got married in the amazing setting afforded by the gardens at Cressbrook Hall


Wedding Fusion Movie

I made a wedding fusion movie for Rachael & Dan as well, which you can watch below. This is a really lovely way to see the natural story of their day.

Rachael & Dan’s Wedding at Cressbrook Hall

The day started, as usual, with the bride, Rachael, getting ready. This was in one of the cottages in the grounds at Cressbrook Hall.

Wedding at Cressbrook Hall - the bride getting ready

Guests enjoying a bit of a laugh and a carry-on awaiting the bride’s arrival. The wedding was set outside in the beautiful surroundings of the gardens at Cressbrook Hall.

Natural relaxed wedding photos at Cressbrook HallWedding photography in Buxton, Derbyshire

Wedding photography at Cressbrook Hall, Derbyshire

Outdoor weddings are fantastic in a setting like this, and I love the way the foliage adds depth and feeling to the pictures.

Wedding at Cressbrook Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire

The rain held off long enough for us to get the family group shots done outside, which was fortunate. I like the way with these groups that in between the posed shots are natural photos of people laughing and mucking about. The big group shot of everyone was done inside, from the mezzanine.

Group photos at a Cressbrook Hall weddingWedding photos at Cressbrook Hall near Buxton in Derbyshire

Natural wedding photography in Derbyshire

I often think that umbrellas can look very effective in wedding photographs, and anyway you can’t go too far wrong in a setting like Cressbrook Hall. My favourite shot of the day is below, shot through the leaves with Dan holding the umbrella over Rachael as they walk through the gardens.

Buxton Wedding Photography, at Cressbrook HallNatural wedding photography at Cressbrook Hall in Derbyshire

Relaxed wedding photography in Buxton

I love the shot below of the groomsmen sticking their fingers up at me! Shows how popular I was…. 🙂 No but seriously, a good indicator of how I like to get into the spirit of the day.

Relaxed wedding photos at Cressbrook Hall

Speeches, emotion, laughter, and “Oh my God did he really just tell THAT story?”

Cressbrook Hall wedding speechesRelaxed wedding photos at Cressbrook Hall

On to the first dance. I love the details here – Rachael & Dan’s little boy standing on the dancefloor, and the two little girls dancing.

Creative wedding photography at Cressbrook Hall in Buxton, Derbyshire

I waited a little later than planned to get this final shot of the night. I love all the colours in this, just perfect (in my entirely unbiased opinion).

Creative wedding photography in Derbyshire by Tim Hensel

That’s all from Cressbrook Hall, Folks

If you’re getting married at Cressbrook Hall in Derbyshire – or elsewhere for that matter – I’d love to hear from you to talk about how I can photograph your wedding. Please contact me to get the ball rolling.

Special thanks on this one to Danny, my able second shooter and assistant.

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