natural wedding photography in derbyshire

Natural Wedding Photography

My wedding photography is mostly narrative, documentary in style, I love to capture emotions, energy, movement and pictures with some life in them. Photos that speak not only to their subjects but to what you were feeling at the time. Photos that communicate the story and the emotion of your wedding day.

Creative Wedding Photography

I love to create cinematographic portraits of my couples, a delicate blend of art and science (at least that’s what I like to think). I actually believe I see things differently to most people – instinctively I compose a moment into a scene, and when I see light falling in a certain way it flicks a particular switch in my brain that says “that’s the one.”

Relaxed Wedding Photography

As your wedding photographer I’m in a privileged position, more so than anyone else you hire for the occasion, probably. I’ll most likely be hanging out with you for the whole day – and you can relax in the knowledge that I’m going to behave in my trademark easy-going manner and generally go round being thoroughly decent.

This is Me

I have – finally – finished making a short film about myself.

I hope it gives something of an insight into my approach to wedding photography. I expect it’s different to any others you might have seen, and is quite entertaining (I think, anyway).

Click play and enjoy, it’s only 3 minutes long.

natural creative wedding photographer in derbyshire
relaxed natural creative wedding photographer

Now might be a nice time to look at my portfolio, or learn a little more about me.

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