Recognition, the Royal Family, Awards and General Trumpet-Blowing

I’m a professional portrait and wedding photographer with ten years of experience. I’ve also received several awards from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), Europe’s largest photographic trade body, of which I’m an active member.

To pat myself on the back a little more, I achieved international recognition for my work by winning a public art competition run by the fashion label Diesel. My photography was enlarged to 100 feet and displayed on the side of the National Football Museum in Manchester.

As well as being a full-time wedding photographer in Kent, Folkestone and the South East, where I’m based, I also photograph members of the Royal Family each year, at their nice castle in Windsor.

If you haven’t watched my ‘This Is Me’ film yet, it may help you in your decision, but beware, it has sound, so mute it if you’re at work!

I also usually make the tea. Milk, no sugar, and a proper brown colour, I don’t like dishwater. Thanks. Oh, I’m making it? OK.

Book in for a consultation and I’ll make you a cup.

Professionalism and Experience Meet Creativity and Fun – My Approach to Photography

I don’t believe in much, except the ability of people to be confoundingly complex, emotional, beautiful things. I think my pictures are quite good, too.

I grew up in a very creative environment. Both my mother and father were and are (in that order) artists – painting, sculpture, photography and fine art jewellery, but my medium is photography. I believe I have “the eye” people talk about – that intangible instinct that can’t be learned. Making pictures is important to me and I can’t imagine being anything other than a photographer.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer in Kent, Folkestone and the South East

That’s why I love weddings – every single one is different and they’re uniquely human events. All the good stuff – love, laughter, drinkies, real life – included in one day about a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man and everyone they care about.

When it comes to weddings, I’m not “just” a photographer. I’m an observer, a people watcher, a documentary maker and your own personal artist. I am also a dress holder, a child entertainer, a button-hole-flower-pinner, a phone-looker-afterer, a bloody funny comic (or so I think), a man-with-a-sewing-kit-and-some-tissues-in-his-bag.

Every wedding is different. Yes, there are usually rings, cake, champagne and so on but there’s a lot more to it than that (as you know – you’re the one planning it!)

I make the pictures which capture the day in your memories, just as it happened. Instinctively I compose a moment into a scene and when I see light falling in a certain way, it flicks a switch in my brain that says “that’s the one.”

I want you to look at your photographs afterwards and remember how it felt to marry your best friend. How nervous you were before, how elated you were afterwards, that feeling that you could take on the world and win.

Wedding Photography – What You’ll Get

I don’t believe there’s another profession on earth that combines the true creativity, technical mastery and the sheer fun of going to so many parties the way that wedding photography does.

Although portraits of the bride and groom make up a large portion of my portfolio, I reckon about 90% of my time at a wedding is spent documenting the narrative of the day as it unfolds. This means you can get on with enjoying it. I love watching through the lens as the day unfolds, picking up all the moments as they happen.

The details, the people, the laughter and the tears; your wedding photos should bring them all back. I put my own artistic eye to work finding these for you, so that you can keep them.

Wedding Photography – What You Won’t Get

You won’t get a regimented, high-octane, bossy wedding photographer who maps out your poses with no room for spontaneity. That’s not my style. It’s your wedding day, your way, not an extended photo shoot. You’ll only do this once, and I want you to enjoy every moment.

No Cheese

Sounds a bit cheesy? I can guarantee you a no-cheese day. In fact, I don’t even like cheese (true).

creative wedding photography

“A naturally creative Hero Photographer with a lightly sparkling brideside manner and a refreshingly relaxed attitude.”

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