Live your Wedding Day to the Full

You know what? I’m one of the good guys. I’m nice. I’m not bossy, and I won’t take over your wedding day. It’s your wedding, not an extended photo shoot. You’ll only do this once, and I want you to enjoy every moment.

I won’t spend hours lining you up or posing you (though we’ll do some family shots if you want them, of course). It’s your big day, after all, and I’ll be there to record it in pictures, not to control it.

I’m not “just” a photographer though. I’m an observer, a people watcher, a documentary maker and your own personal artist. I am also a dress holder, a child entertainer, a button-hole-flower-pinner, a phone-looker-afterer, a bloody funny comic (I think I’m funny anyway), a man-with-a-sewing-kit-and-some-tissues-in-his-bag, and generally an all-round nice guy. I actually genuinely care.

Your Day, Your Way, through My Eyes

Every wedding is different. Yes, there are usually rings, cake, champagne and so on but there’s a lot more to it than that (as you know – you’re the one planning it!)

I can make the pictures which will keep it for you, just as it happened. Instinctively I compose a moment into a scene, and when I see light falling in a certain way it flicks a particular switch in my brain that says “that’s the one.”

Artistic & Technical

That’s the “eye” people talk about – the technical stuff can be learned (and believe me, it has been. I’m an unashamed photo-techno-geek, though I try to keep quiet about it)

I grew up in a very creative environment. Both my mother and father were and are (in that order) artists – painting, sculpture, photography and fine art jewelry mostly – but my medium is photography, always has been. Making pictures is important to me on a basic level, and I can’t imagine being anything other than a  photographer.

Creativity Matters

The fact is, a properly creative photographer will make all the difference to your wedding photos. Click the button below to book my free consultation and find out how I can make it work for you.

Your Wedding will be Unique

I don’t believe in much, except the ability of people to be confoundingly complex, emotional, beautiful things. I think my pictures are quite good, too. 

That’s why I love weddings – all of that in one day, and every single one is different. I don’t see a wedding as a collection of ticky-boxes and schedules, nor as a photo shoot arranged to advance my portfolio.

Wedding Photography in Kent

In 2016 I relocated to Folkestone, on the beautiful Kent coast, having been based in the Peak District for the previous 9 years. I travel the country photographing weddings in any case, but I’m originally from Sussex so I’ve moved back closer to home.

9+ Years Experience

I’ve been a full-time professional wedding photographer for all that time, and  my own style has bubbled to the surface: something natural, creative, relaxed and a bit… different. By style I don’t just mean the photographs – though of course they’re of paramount importance – but also how I approach every wedding, and how I engage with it on the day.

What it Means to You

I want you to look at your photographs afterwards and remember how it felt, marrying your best friend. How nervous you were before, how elated you were afterwards, that feeling that you could take on the world and win.

As well as how funny Jonny’s speech was, how Uncle Bob fell off his chair and how the bar ran out of tequila after the bridesmaids got to it – and all the bits you were too busy getting married to notice too.

If you think you might like to see what I see, book my free consultation to have a chat about it.

My Trademark Relaxed Attitude

Funnily enough, I hate having my photo taken. I remember hiding under the piano (with the rabbit, who lived under there) when a photographer came to the house once when I was a small boy.  In fact, quite a lot of people I work with say they don’t like it either.  If this is you, don’t worry. I’m pretty seriously easy going, and instinctively try to make you as comfortable as possible.

I am also very nice. Stupid thing to say, and I should be shot for putting it on my website, but it’s also true. So there. And – get this – I’m going to give you a free doughnut when we meet in person. Just click the orange camera below (and remember to tell me when you’re arranging your consultation). Get in.

Why I Do What I Do

I don’t believe there’s another profession on earth that combines the true creativity, the technical mastery and the sheer fun of going to so many parties the way that wedding photography does.

creative wedding photography
natural wedding photographer in kent

I also usually make the tea. Milk, no sugar, and a proper brown colour, I don’t like dishwater. Thanks. Oh, I’m making it? OK.

Book in for a consultation and I’ll make you a cup.

If you haven’t watched my This Is Me film yet, this would be an excellent time to do so. It’s better than reading stuff 🙂 It has sound, so mute it if you’re at work!

creative wedding photography

Take the Next Step

If you like the sound of what I’ve said (and I hope you do – I have a light-hearted approach but I take my photography very seriously), book a free consultation to have a chat (and possibly a cup of tea) and we’ll see how I can make my skills work for you.

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“A naturally creative Hero Photographer with a lightly sparkling brideside manner and a refreshingly relaxed attitude.”

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