Hello bloggeristas. Tim here, formerly of Up North and now in Folkestone, Kent. Today I have a nice post for you, and some nice pictures to boot (would you expect anything else?). Last weekend I shot two weddings in two days, nothing that unusual about that, but this was the first time I’d had consecutive weddings at the same venue. As it happens, it was one of my favourites  – Losehill House Hotel in Derbyshire* – and what’s more, both brides were doctors (as was one groom), so yet more similarity. “Well,” you’ll no doubt be thinking, “Won’t the pictures from them basically be the same?” – but, I’m pleased to report, the answer is no.

bridal bouquet with swarovski crystals kent

Look at it like this – I’ve shot hundreds of weddings in my time, and no two have ever been the same. This got me thinking – and for me what really makes the difference at a wedding is the people. Yes a lovely venue and good weather helps, but inherently decent folk having the time of their lives while dressed up to the nines is what makes a wedding special. So it follows that, if that’s the focus, two weddings cannot be the same regardless of similarity of venue, weather or profession of the brides.

The personality of those involved, and the very soul of the day (if I’m permitted a little artistic hoop-ti-doodle here) will shine through. This is what I always aim to capture, and though I use nice words like “natural” and “relaxed” and sometimes even “reportage” to describe how I go about recording the day through my photographs, it’s this essence that we’re after. “We” in this case being the partnership between me as the wedding photographer and the couple themselves. 

Anyway, enough about that, who wants to see some photos?

Elaine & Neil

Needless to say, a fantastic day with Elaine & Neil at their wedding at Losehill House. A few preview images below – I actually posted these on the day itself so you might have seen a couple of them on The Book of Faces and so on. It’s nice, I think, to give the bride & groom something tangible to look at on their special day itself.

black & white wedding photo in window kent

natural light wedding photograph kent

relaxed confetti wedding photo

bridal portrait kent

creative wedding photography in kent

Niki & John

Another fine day (thanks, Ian McCaskill) and another lovely couple at Losehill House Hotel. Again I shared some of the pics below with the couple on the day, as that’s what a nice guy I am (no, really).

natural shot of bride & groom walking back down the aisle
lovely relaxed wedding photo kent

fun relaxed group shot from a kent wedding

atmospheric wedding photo, creatively photographed in kent

creative wedding photography in kent with smoke bombs

As a footnote to this one, one of the most difficult things is deciding when is the right time to put down the camera and go home (I never work to the clock, I leave when the job is done). On this occasion, having captured the “last shot of the night” (above), John asked if I’d mind getting a few pictures of him and his friends smoking Cuban cigars. Of course I wouldn’t want to miss that, so I did. This quickly led to “Would you like a cigar?” – to which there is only ever one answer – and it was lovely to relax for a short while with a few of the people I’d got to know during the course of the day. So that was, as I’m fond of saying, nice.

kent wedding photo with cigars

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. No doubt I’ll do a full blog post on each of these weddings in due course. Needless to say, if you’re getting married in Kent, or in Derbyshire, or anywhere really, I’d love to hear from you. Please do contact me and arrange to have a chat, and to tell me which brand of cigar you’ll be providing me with.

Thanks for looking


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