As a photographer in Kent, I see some amazing things during my projects. Whether that’s as a wedding photographer in Folkestone, or a boudoir photographer working with a stylist and makeup artist, every day is varied. So are the questions I’m asked.

Below are some queries I receive on a regular basis. If you have a question but can’t see it here, please contact me.

creative wedding photography

You can find my current prices here for wedding photography Kent, Folkestone, London etc, and here for portrait photography. If you have any other requests or location needs, let’s chat.

An excellent question and one I’m glad you’ve asked.
Contact me, we’ll arrange a date and time and the rest is easy. I’ll ask you to pay a deposit (£200 for wedding photography) and sign a set of terms and conditions.
If possible, it’s a good idea to meet and chat about your wedding before you book. If not, we can talk on the phone (01303 766130 or 07966 778445) or via Skype (timothyhensel) if that’s easier for you.

On your USB, you’ll get printable high-resolution photographs, lovingly edited by myself with the latest and best professional software. There’ll also be a folder of your images in a smaller size suitable to go on your phone or to email and a folder of the same pictures for Facebook and so on.
You can print the photographs from your disc as many times as you like, share them on social media and give copies to your friends and family.

At a wedding, I will normally take hundreds of photographs. I select the best from these (I take several of the same thing, just to get “that” expression or moment) and those are the ones we go forward with.
For an all-day wedding, you can typically expect about 300-400 finished photos, sometimes 500. Any more than this generally isn’t necessary as quality is better than quantity when it comes to something as special as a wedding.
I don’t set a limit on the number of photographs you’ll get, so you won’t be charged more based on a nominal quota. You’ll get all the ones worth having, not the duplicates, blurry ones or pictures of my shoes.

Me. Tim. Myself. I will. This is really important – if you book me, you won’t get someone else turning up instead.

Sometimes. Ollie is my go-to assistant and is an asset at a wedding, so I often work with him. If the wedding demands that I be in two places at once (an art I haven’t mastered yet) then it’s a necessity. It also means more photographs from more angles. For portraits I typically work alone, but if a makeup artist is required I work with Kristina.

When you receive your USB, you’ll also get a personal online gallery with all the photos in. While this is to share as you like with family and friends, you’ll get a special link to it just for you. This is where you make your selections for your album. I’ve written a blog post on this, which you can find here.

Yes of course. They can order prints directly from me via your private web gallery, or if they want an album or a canvas, I can do that too.
If you order an album, there’s the option for additional smaller copies (to give to parents, etc) to go with it.

For wedding photography, I make every effort to edit and deliver your photos within three weeks. Portraits vary, but typically you can expect to view your photos within a few days.

I’ve written a short guide to choosing a wedding photographer on my blog, here

Yes, as it happens I’ve written just such a guide in conjunction with professional wedding planners Sprinkle of Magic.You can get it as an ebook and it comes with a series of helpful follow-up videos.
It’s completely free and you can get yours by clicking here .

Yes – you’ve come to (probably) the finest portrait photographer Folkestone and Kent have to offer. I can photograph you at my studio, or out on location. Have a look at the portraits pages, or contact me to discuss your ideas.

Yes. I have backup camera bodies, lenses, cards, even a backup computer. If anything fails on the day, the show can go on.

Yes. I have both public liability and public indemnity insurance, as well as having all my equipment covered.

Although not the most exciting subject, it is important that you know.

I don’t need to charge VAT. So that’s nice.

Very possibly. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, you’re more than welcome to contact me for a chat.