We had a truly amazing day at Katie & Ollie’s wedding photography at Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire. A venue I highly recommend you visit should you get the chance (the gardens and so on are, I understand, open to the public), its scale and grandeur make for the perfect setting for a wedding. It’s currently contending for top spot in Hensel’s Favourite Wedding Venues list.

The ceremony was at the beautiful St Michael & All Angels Church in Hathersage.

I should also note that we had a mixed bag of weather – this is a good thing, as it allowed for a nice range of photos, from sunny to moody skies (I do like a moody sky…).

However, none of this is, of course, all that relevant. What makes the difference is a large number of happy people from both sides of the Atlantic enjoying themselves. Congratulations to Katie & Ollie, not least for organising a total blinder.

I’ll be quiet now and let my pictures do the talking – it’s their job to tell the story, not mine, after all.


Wedding Photography in Hathersage, Derbyshire

We started the day where Katie’s family were staying in Hathersage, Derbyshire, having flown in from the USA. Natural photos were the order of the day here, and I think capture the atmosphere: a mixture of fun and nerves!

The bride and her family getting ready for her wedding in hathersage

details during the bride's preparation for her wedding in derbyshire

Katie’s beautiful wedding dress was best photographed outside, seeing as how we had a nice garden and a bit of sunshine at this point.

the wedding dress waiting the be put on by the derbyshire bride

bridal makeup being applied in preparation for the wedding

wedding dress being fitted by the bride's sister in hathersage, derbyshire

The bride nearly ready for her derbyshire wedding

fixing of the veil - creative wedding photographs in derbyshire

I love these photos of Katie’s Mum & Dad seeing her in her dress for the first time.

wedding photography in hathersage derbyshire - the bride's parents see her for the first time

bride and father before the wedding in hathersage

St. Michael & All Angels Church in Hathersage sits atop a hill, and is a splendid place inside too.

guests arrive at st michael & all angels church in hathersage, derbyshire

The groom and the best man waiting for the wedding in the church, in derbyshire

Katie arrives with her dad in a vintage Rolls Royce, supplied by Avril’s Vintage Wedding Cars. I’ve worked with John from Avril’s many times and give them the highest recommendation.

the bride and her father arrive in the wedding car, at the church in hathersage, derbyshire

The bride and her father arriving

wedding photography in derbyshire - the bride just before going into st michael & all angels church, hathersage

These natural wedding photographs of Katie and her Dad coming into the Church are filled with feeling. Look at the changing expressions on their faces.

bride and her dad walking into church in derbyshire

the bride walking up the aisle, the groom waiting, at st michael's church in hathersage

Further natural wedding photography, during the ceremony in St Michael & All Angels.

wedding photography in derbyshire at st michael & all angels church

natural wedding photography at the church in hathersage

Look how happy they look! Go on, look! A great couple.

wedding photography in derbyshire, at st michael & all angels church

signing of the register and so on in hathersage

wedding photography derbyshire, the bride and groom walk back down the ailse at the church in hathersage

Leaving the church into bright Derbyshire sunshine.

The bride and groom leave the church during their wedding photography in hathersage

A long walk of confetti provided ample opportunity to photograph Katie & Ollie being attacked from all sides with handfuls of the stuff. I love the shot of the bridesmaids picking it out of Katie’s hair afterwards too 🙂

relaxed wedding photography during the confetti at st michael & all angels church in hathersage, derbyshire

the bride and groom get back in the car to leave the church in hathersage

Wedding Photography in Derbyshire

We stopped off at The Surprise (a well known spot in the Peak District) on our way to Thornbridge Hall to take some photos in the Derbyshire countryside.

relaxed wedding photography in derbyshire's peak district

creative, natural wedding photography in derbyshire

I love these Derbyshire wedding photographs of Katie & Ollie and the Peak District and nothing else. Couldn’t ask for a better combo.

relaxed natural wedding photographer in derbyshire's peak district

derbyshire wedding photography with a vintage rolls royce

Wedding Photography at Thornbridge Hall

On arrival at Thornbridge Hall. The Rolls Royce fitted in perfectly with the surroundings, and the British and American flags served as a reminder of the international nature of this wedding.

wedding photography arriving at thornbridge hall in derbyshire

Some of my favourite ever group photos. We decided to use the opulent surroundings of Thornbridge Hall to best effect, rather than lining everyone up outside.

creative family group wedding photographs at thornbridge hall

relaxed and natural documentary wedding photos at thornbridge hall

wedding drinks reception photos at thornbridge hall - relaxed, fun and natural.

A fun take on group photos and natural shots of guests at thornbridge hall

Guests going over to the carriage house, for the wedding breakfast.

details at the wedding reception at thornbridge hall

The pictures on the side of Katie & Ollie’s parents on their respective wedding days were a lovely touch. Also note Hannah (who’s wedding to Catherine I’m photographing in 2016, by the way) signing the “signing mount” on one of the engagement photos I’d shot with Katie & Ollie a few weeks earlier.

more details at the wedding reception at thornbridge hall, derbyshire

The bride and groom enter their wedding reception at thornbridge hall

We took a walk out after dinner to get some wedding photographs in the amazing grounds of Thornbridge Hall. Note the rainbow visible in the first one – a good omen!

Wedding photography during a walk through the gardens at thornbridge hall


classic wedding photos at thornbridge hall

I love the reflections in these photos by the pond. And I do, as I said earlier, like a moody sky…

Creative wedding photography at thornbridge hall in derbyshire

Relaxed and natural, a wedding photograph at thornbridge hall

Speeches. The photos are as much about people’s reactions as they are about the person speaking.

Speeches photography during the wedding at thornbridge hall

More speeches photos, an excellent opportunity for relaxed wedding photos

More relaxed documentary wedding photography, speeches at thornbridge hall

I like how people are mostly laughing in the speeches photographs. Captures the mood 🙂

Everyone laughs and enjoys themselves during the speeches

Wedding cake, watch, drinks and partying at thornbridge hall

The Father & Daughter dance is a big deal in American culture, and was held just before the Bride & Groom’s first dance. Note the small nephew coming to join in too 🙂

The all-important father and daughter dance at thornbridge hall in derbyshire

Natural, creative first dance wedding photography at thornbridge hall

Guests enjoying the party at Katie & Ollie's wedding at Thornbridge Hall

A stunning last shot of the night. A light mist had descended, which when lit up by my flash adds a beautiful atmosphere to the wedding photograph.

Relaxed, Creative wedding photography at Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire

That’s All from Thornbridge Hall, Folks

If you’re getting married in Derbyshire, I’d love to have the opportunity to undertake your wedding photography at Thornbridge Hall. Please contact me and we’llhave a chat about it.

Thanks for looking

— Tim




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