Last Saturday saw Lucy & Chris get married, with the reception at the Hallmark Hotel in Manchester (formerly known as The Belfry).

There’s plenty to report on this wedding – how I came to do the wedding photography, the family, and the venues. However, that will wait for the “proper” blog post to follow in due course. This here is what you might call a sneak preview.


This was my last shot of the night. It was a tricky one to set up, as the pond/oasis is surrounded by car park, so it’s hard to get an angle that doesn’t show parked cars. By standing on just the correct chair I was able to do so. I used 2 speedlites off the camera, one clamped to a bench behind the couple and one held in a right hand side front position by an HLS (Human Light Stand).

I think the photograph has a lovely “fairytale” quality to it, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I ought to mention that the rest of the photos are jolly nice too – all the natural reportage -y stuff you love seeing – but you’ll have to wait for the full post for that.

Thanks for looking