Once again I have a preview for you from my recent wedding photography with Leah and Adam, at Cheshire’s lovely Mottram Hall. This was my last shot of the night, so I thought I might as well make it a good one…


We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to suitable locations for photos at Mottram Hall. This was one I had to hang on a bit for though. After the first dance, I waited for it to get dark enough that the automatic outside uplighting would come on, bringing the building to life. It’s nice the fountain is lit too, of course.

For the photographers amongst you, the shot was created using two speedlites off camera – one behind the couple and one in front, off to the side. The power outputs are set to give that lovely flash of light from behind them, and still show the lit up Hall, and some of the detail in the flower bed.

Other than a spot of straightening (as I still can’t hold a camera level ;)) the pic is essentially straight out of the camera – just processed the raw file and exported.

Anyway, full wedding to follow on here soon. Thanks for looking.





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