The bank holiday weekend just gone was an important one in the calendar of Mat & Amanda, for it was their wedding at the lovely Losehill House Hotel in Hope, Derbyshire. I was privileged to be there as their wedding photographer, and Mr Rain thought he’d turn up too. Thankfully, he didn’t stay the whole day – but really that’s not that important. A wedding in a venue such as this, with lots of happy people and a couple given to laughing and enjoying themselves generally was always going to be a winner. Umbrellas look good in wedding photos anyway…

A full blog post will undoubtedly follow in due course, but here are a couple of shots to keep you going for now.

This shot in the bay window is a clear favourite, and one that Amanda was particularly keen to have. I can see why.

My last shot of the night, and a return of some light rain. Cue the umbrella, which along with a nice moody sky and some off-camera flash makes for a great photo (in my entirely unbiased opinion)

If you’d like to talk to me about your wedding at Losehill House (or indeed anywhere else – though I won’t go further than Australia) please get in touch.

Thanks for looking





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