I had a great time shooting Janette & Andy’s wedding photography at Alderley Edge Hotel, Cheshire, and St Alban’s Church, Stockport. I seem to start all my blog posts by saying, “We had a great time at… etc. etc.” – but it’s true. We did have a great time. So there.

Janette & Andy: Relaxed Wedding Photography at Alderley Edge Hotel

Wedding Photography at Alderley Edge Hotel, Cheshire

The Great British Weather did its best to stop us, but to no avail. I always say the weather doesn’t matter (and there’s very little I can do about it anyway – still working on that weather-controlling machine but haven’t perfected it yet), it’s the combination of nice, happy people, up for a good time and carrying the spirit of the day amongst them. Lovely venues (such as we had here) and nice weather (which we didn’t) help, but they’re secondary considerations.

Bridal Preparation in Stockport, Cheshire

Getting ready is an important part of the day for the ladies, made more entertaining by the inclusion of the little girls you see here (note tongue-sticking-out photos)

Photographs of the bride preparing for her wedding in CheshireNatural documentary photographs of the bride getting readyWedding dress photographs, in Stockport2015-12-08_0005Bridal preparation wedding photographs

The Ceremony: St Alban’s Church, Stockport, Cheshire

From the guests arriving, to the rings, to the groom looking to the heavens for divine inspiration, my documentary coverage of the day continues here at the church. Careful planning before means I knew where I could stand during the ceremony, and what I could do without annoying the vicar.

Wedding guests arriving at St Albans Church in StockportNatural photographs of the bride arriving and the groom waiting, in CheshirePhotos of the bride getting ready to go into the wedding ceremonyI photograph the moments and the emotions at a weddingDocumentary photographs capturing the wedding as it happensPhotographing the details during the wedding ceremonyNatural photographs during the wedding ceremony in CheshireWedding Ceremony photography in CheshireCapturing the moment at a wedding in Stockport

Family group photographs

We shot these inside the church, for obvious reasons. As much as natural documentary photos are “what I do”, almost everyone still wants some more formal shots too, which is well and good and as it should be. Here’s a selection.


Family group wedding photographs in Stockport

I love this photoof Janette looking back at me. Not planned, she happened to turn round at just the right moment. Awesome.


Natural wedding photography in CheshireConfetti wedding photographs at St Albans Church, Stockport

Doorways can be great focusers-of-attention for wedding photographs, two good ones here kindly provided by the church. The shot on the right (the colour one) was a personal favourite of both the bride and I.



Relaxed wedding photography in CheshireNatural, creative wedding photography in Stockport

The Reception: Wedding Photography at Alderley Edge Hotel, Cheshire

Having arrived at the reception hotel, the magnificent Alderley Edge Hotel in Cheshire, first port of call (after a glass of Champagne of course) was a large group photo of everyone. The rain gods smiled on us, and it stopped for just long enough. So that was nice.Look at the b&w picture below the group pic though – I love how relaxed, natural photos like this one show the feeling of the day.


Creative natural wedding photographyLarge Group Photograph at Alderley Edge Hotel, CheshireRelaxed wedding photography in CheshireNatural wedding photography in Cheshire

The Speeches – Wedding Photography at Alderley Edge Hotel, Cheshire

These photos contain everything I love about pics during the speeches – it’s a great time to get everyone’s expressions, but more than that, it helps you feel what’s driving those faces: emotion. Laughter, tears, the lot. Lovely.

Natural photographs of wedding speeches

The First Dance

Alderley Edge Hotel has a dedicated dancefloor area, so the guests could remain comfortable during Janette & Andy’s first dance.


First dance wedding photos at Alderley Edge Hotel

And later on…

Here’s my trademark last-shot-of-the-night, in the gardens of Alderley Edge Hotel. I love this style of lighting, and the (now thankfully precipitation-free) garden is a lovely setting, but it’s the fact that both Andy & Janette are laughing their socks off that makes this photo for me.

Wedding photography in Cheshire

OK I lied a little… these were, in fact, the last shots of the night. Wedding photography on the steps at Alderley Edge Hotel, and framed by one of their period staircases.

Wedding Photography at Alderley Edge Hotel

Thank You

…for reading this post, I hope you’ve enjoyed a short walkthrough of Andy & Janette’s lovely relaxed wedding photography at Alderly Edge Hotel and St Albans Church, both in Cheshire. I know I had a great time, but then I always say that….

If you’re getting married and like the look of what you see here, please contact meto have a chat about your wedding photography. It might be that I’m just the wedding photographer you’ve been looking for 🙂

Thanks for looking


P. S. As a nice footnote, Janette’s Mum& Dadgot married at this same hotel an undisclosed number of years ago 🙂

P. P. S. Here’s Janette’s reaction to seeing her wedding photos on my blog:

tim hensel photography reviews

So that’s nice, isn’t it?

Toodle oo.




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