Hi, Kent wedding photographer Tim Hensel here. Thanks for stopping by for third blog post of my summer wedding ideas series. This time, I look at how to choose the perfect summer wedding flowers. For this, I enlisted the help of Samantha Reynolds from Folkestone florist Emily&Me. Read on for her recommendations and advice. Enjoy!

After years of collaborating with couples on their big day, it seems that choosing summer wedding flowers is no easy task. Flowers are more closely intertwined with summer than any other season. This means they’re likely to play a bigger part in the visuals than nuptials at colder times of the year.

Summer wedding flowers – where to start?

As the age-old saying goes, too much choice can be a bad thing. This is certainly true when it comes to choosing summer wedding flowers. You may be asking any, or all, of the following questions.

  • Which type of flowers should you go with?
  • Should you choose a complimentary or clashing colour scheme?
  • Is it possible to stick to locally grown flowers for sustainability?
  • Do any flowers cause allergic reactions?
  • Which of these questions should you even start with?

Bring in the experts

I asked an expert for their thoughts on the matter. Samantha Reynolds is the Creative Director and Founder of wedding florist Emily&Me in Folkestone. With years of experience working with couples on their perfect flowers, she has some great advice to offer.

Making the colours pop

“The most popular colours for summer wedding flowers are pale pink and ivory,” says Samantha. “Ultimately, you’ll want to choose your flowers depending on your overall colour scheme.

But warm colours are a safe bet for summer weddings. This is opposed to say, blues or violets, which typically look better against a frosted or snowy backdrop.

As well as pinks and ivories combined, there are many great colour combinations for the summer.

One is a complimentary scheme of pinks. For example, if you went with a rose bouquet, a dramatic dusky pink next to a pomegranate rose, dotted with the occasional white bloom can give a breathtaking effect.”

Picture of a bride and groom holdingroses property of Emily&Me florist Folkestone

Image kindly provided by Emily&Me

Choosing your flower types

“Peonies are incredibly beautiful due to the unique layering and textures of their petals. We get so many requests for them as summer wedding flowers. However, they’re only in season from May until very early summer. So, for couples looking for that warm, delicate or pink scheme, we usually recommend roses.

Roses are a firm favourite in the hotter months. They’re very versatile and can be arranged traditionally or more creatively for a bespoke effect.

Another advantage of going with roses is the range of colours. You can get anything from ivory and white to deep red, bright yellow, lavender and orange.

If you’re getting married in the UK, they’re so ubiquitous in this country that supply should not be a problem. For couples looking to reduce their environmental footprint, they’re an ideal choice.”

wedding flowers roses with diamond wedding ring

Photo by Tim Hensel

Summer wedding flowers to avoid

There are a few points and practicalities to consider with summer wedding flowers,” Samantha advises.

Allergies are a key factor to plan for. Whether it’s your minister, mother-in-law, bride or best man, you want to avoid red eyes and sneezes during the vows. Flowers to avoid are those with large, prominent anthers full of pollen.

Pollen can also stain anything from fabrics to skin and surfaces, so we tend to advise against certain flowers in summer bouquets,” she continues.

“One example is lilies. There’s no denying they’re beautiful and can make dramatic table centrepieces, as well as bouquets. However, they carry so much pollen that they just aren’t practical for summer weddings.

Additionally, some types such as calla lilies are associated with funerals. This isn’t a problem for some people. But more traditional and superstitious couples tend to avoid them altogether as summer wedding flowers,” she concludes.

So, to give a short Hensel-style summary, it seems that you can’t go wrong with a warm colour scheme, locally grown roses, not relying on peonies and avoiding lilies.

Many thanks to Samantha. If you’re looking for summer wedding flowers in Folkestone, Kent or wherever, we highly recommend the wonderful Emily&Me.

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wedding photo on a farm with chicks

WARNING: These are not wedding flowers at all, but are in fact chickens. Don’t get caught out! Photo and stupid caption by Tim Hensel.