Just a quick photo share today, blog-readers. I did a lovely (in my unbiased opinion) shoot for a family on location at their farm in Birch Vale. 17 of them! The nice thing about doing this sort of thing at a farm is that there are plenty of options for a big group, far more than squashing them into a studio. It makes it more personal, too. In the end we settled on some bales of hay (or rather, they did. I stood in front of them, as you might reasonably expect).

This was the “big photo” of everyone, a 60th birthday present for one of the gentleman at the front.


What I really wanted to show you however, is this one:


The sun came out so we went outside, and these small boys (cousins I believe) playing in their natural habitat was too good to miss. I love the golden light and natural qualities of the photo.

For the photo geeks amongst you, I’ll post this one too – as I think it stands as a testament to the fine quality of my favourite lens – a Canon 24-70 f2.8L mk2. Look how sharp her eyes are, and how smooth and creamy the background is. Lovely.


Anyway, that’s all for now. Nice wedding post for you next week.

Thanks for looking





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