Very often (alright, all the time then) my wedding and portrait clients alike tell me how thrilled they are with their photographs.

I’ve always had a “testimonials” page on the site, but with the advent of my new all-singing-and-perhaps-a-bit-of-dancing-too website, I decided to give it a bit of a makeover and leave it looking less neglected. I was spurred on to do this by one particular couple from last year (Lucinda & Mike Lawler, pictured below), who, on seeing one of their photos on the new site, contacted me and asked where they could leave some gushing praise. So that’s nice.


The reviews page is located here.

If I’ve done any photography for you over the past few years, it doesn’t by any means have to be a wedding, then I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at, or post something on my Facebook page, or just phone me up and sing it to me (though that would be a first. If you feel inspired however, my number is 0161 870 6143 or 07966 778445)

You don’t need to write reams and reams – a few choice words will do nicely. I’d love to include one of your photos to illustrate the text too 🙂

Thanks for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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