When, a few years ago, I discovered this suite of tools hidden in Google’s menagerie of services (who knew!?) I felt it deserved sharing. There was loads of stuff in there that could be of assistance in putting your perfect wedding together. I made a video on how to use it and everything.

However, when I decided to revisit it today so I could share the video on my blog for all you lovely people who might not have seen it, I discovered to my dismay that it appears to have been discontinued.

All is not lost, however, as there are many other online wedding planning tools. A popular one is from the UK-based wedding directory Hitched.

So, nice fellow that I am, I’ve made a new video for you. Here it is.

You can find Hitched’s wedding planner here: https://www.hitched.co.uk/planner/mywedding.aspx

I ought to point out that I’m in no way affiliated with Hitched, other than in that I do have a listing with them.

If you found this to be of interest, you might also like my free ebook on wedding planning – you can find the download link on my info page.

I intend this to be of use to everyone planning a wedding, whether or not we ever actually meet in person. However, naturally, if you haven’t yet booked a photographer I’d love to talk to you further – please go and have a look around the rest of my website or see below to schedule a consultation.

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