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PrintI shoot quite a lot of boudoir – until recently I kept a separate website dedicated to it under the name Twin Peaks Boudoir. I’m completely relaxed about it – so you can be too. I work closely alongside makeup supremo Kristina, who stays on hand for the whole shoot, providing female moral support.

Is it for me?

Let’s be clear about this – a boudoir shoot is for any woman, regardless of age, size or shape. If you’re thinking “Yes, but I won’t look as good as the ladies on the website”, just remember most of them thought that before their shoot too. We’ll make you look and feel your best, guaranteed.

Everyone is a bit nervous to start with – that’s normal – but it soon melts away and by the time you leave you’ll feel great – as Andrea puts it, people leave walking a couple of inches taller. Kristina and I specialise in putting you at your ease, and we’ve never worked with someone who didn’t enjoy the experience.

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Just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to have a chat it’s best to call Tim directly on 01303 766130 or 07966 778445.



You can choose from a range of photographs, albums, wall art or digital images – please ask if you’d like the complete pricelist. For reference:

A boudoir shoot including full makeup is £99 – you’ll choose prints or an album afterwards.

A shoot including your images on a USB stick is £299

Mounted Prints – from £20

Canvasses and Framed prints – from £75

Folios and Albums – from £75

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Meet the team


Tim Hensel

Photographer Extraordinaire

With a wealth of boudoir photography experience to draw on, and my trademark easy-going attitude, I’ll make your experience amazing and your photos even better.

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Kristina Maurice-Kelly

Makeup Artist

Kristina is a professional makeup artist. Not only does she make you look amazing, she also stays for whole shoot to make sure it’s styled correctly and provide female moral support.

Some kind words from ladies we’ve photographed

‘My initial slight apprehensions about having boudoir photos taken quickly evaporated once inside the studio’


‘I was nervous at first, but time flew by during the shoot and I realised I was actually enjoying myself!’


‘I really enjoyed my photo shoot, I was very nervous before we started but Andrea & Tim immediately put me at ease’


‘I was so pleased with the results, they made me feel really beautiful.’

‘Elegant and tastefully executed, Kristina & Tim have a special touch. They made me feel completely at ease in the studio so we were able to experiment with various poses and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Not only has he made me look great, but I now feel great about my body too. I will treasure the pictures I have and am even happy to show them off to my friends.


‘This experience gives you the chance to be a model for one special day, but the photos you have will make you feel sexy forever.


‘The whole experience gave me a real confidence boost and I would definitely do a shoot again with Tim.’

Boudoir FAQs

How will my shoot work?

The shoot is pretty flexible, and normallyincludes two sets of images taken – i.e. two different outfits / backgrounds. Usually we start with our purpose-styled boudoir set, and we’ll shoot a set with a studio background as well. You have the option to do “how to look good naked” artistic nude photos too, if you so wish.

If you want to shoot on location, it’s best to have a chat with us about this in advance

We’ll talk before and during about the style of photos, so you’ll never have to show more than you’re comfortable with – or alternatively you won’t miss out on doing the nude shots you’ve psyched youself up for!

What can I expect on the day?

On your arrival you will be greeted by the photographer Tim, and your personal make-up artist Kristina. You can have a glass of bubbly or nice cup of tea when you arrive, then there will be a talk about your session, makeup and hair. Your make over is also a good time to chat and ask any questions about the shoot but also to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Kristina will be available throughout your photo session to touch up your make and help with posing.

What should I bring to wear?

There are all sorts of items you can bring with you, here are a few ideas:

  • Basque or Corset
  • Bra and knickers set
  • Bridal underwear
  • Tiara or veil
  • Bridal shoes
  • Jeans
  • Hats
  • Jewellery
  • Long boots
  • Killer heels
  • Stockings
  • Suspenders
  • Silk dressing gown
  • Football shirt
  • Man’s shirt
  • Man’s tie

Make sure you bring items you are comfortable wearing. Key pieces can be accessorised with jewellery, hats, materials, shoes and vintage pieces.

What else should I think about before my shoot?

Have a think about the photos you like – how do you want to appear? Get some ideas from magazines or the blog. Do you want to shoot in lingerie, or do you want to do some artistic nude shots too?

Before your shoot, don’t forget to wax or shave. Its best not to fake tan just before your shoot, leave it at least 1 week before your date. Try on your underwear to make sure you like it and its fits well, if you’re a bride to be, bring some of your wedding accessories and underwear.

Can I change my outfit / hair / makeup during the session?

Yes. You can bring a selection of outfits – typically 2 different sets are shot. Kristina will be on hand to restyle your makeup to suit the photographs, (unless you’ve chosen to do your own hair and makeup).

Is a makeover included in the session?

The majority of ladies take the makeover option – Kristina is a professional makeup artist and will make you look amazing. If you prefer to do it yourself or bring a friend to help that’s fine too, just mention this when booking.

Do you airbrush / photoshop my photographs?

Yes. All images are retouched using the Photoshop suite. We can smooth skin, remove blemishes, scars, and tattoos. Talk to Tim about any specifics beforehand or on the day of your photo session.

How do I choose my photos after my shoot?

You are invited back to the studio to view your images and make your choices, or if you’ve travelled a long way we can provide online viewing.

I'm not a 20-year-old size double zero, is it for me??


Boudoir is for every woman. Tim is very experienced in lighting and posing so will be able to make you look your best no matter what your age or size.

Who sees my photos?

The only person who will see your photographs will be you, your photographer, and your makeup artist. However, if you’d be happy for us to use your images on the website, please tell us!

I am nervous about using a male photographer!

It’s quite normal to be nervous when booking a boudoir session, but Tim and Kristina will put you at ease and the session will be at your own pace. Tim is a consummate professional, with a very relaxed attitude and easygoing manner.

Remember that almost everyone who has a shoot feels the same way to start with, and they ended up looking amazing (most of the photos in the gallery are “real” women who’ve given us permission to use their pictures)

Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to bring someone with you to your session for moral support. We tend to find a friend is better to help you relax (rather than a family member or partner) but this is entirely your choice.

Where does the session take place?

Most sessions are at the photography studio. However if you would like to use a hotel, or if your home if suitable (or garden if private) or another location this can be arranged. Just ask about this option when you contact us.

Do many people read this far down the FAQ?

We don’t expect so, no.